Two friends (first feature)

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Two friends (Due amici)

Two friends (Due amici)

Two friends (Due amici)

original title:

Due amici



set design:

costume design:







film run:



35mm - colour

aspect ratio:



Dolby SR

release date:


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Pino and Nunzio, two Sicilians, live on the outskirts of a great city. Nunzio works in a paint factory. Pino, on the other hand, is constantly on the run: every time a bag of fish is delivered to the house, Pino sets off on a “trip”. The pair lives together and communicates very little with the external world, not very much with each other and exclusively in the dialect of Messina. The delicate balance of this singular life style is overturned by two events: Nunzio is fired from his job and at the same time meets Maria, a young stair cleaner with whom he falls instantly in love.
But things do not always go exactly as they should.
Pino, hi was trying to establish a new relationship with his friend, discovers that to forego his “trips” and devote himself more to Nunzio, could actually mean risking his life… And Nunzio’s love affair seems to have ended in a stalemate.
Why was the fish vendor killed who acted as go-between for Pino’s “trips”? Why is Nunzio being threatened? Just when everything seems to be heading for the worst, the pair returns from an adventure with a prostitute. They speak openly and Pino confesses his true work…
The future is uncertain and only one thing can give them peace and serenity: their friendship.
Based on the stage play “Nunzio” by Spiro Sciamone.