Welcome to Gomorrahland (first feature)

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Welcome to Gomorrahland (Gomorroide)

Welcome to Gomorrahland (Gomorroide)

The Camorra is in on its knees. The merit of this unexpected decline is the biggest media phenomenon of the recent years: Welcome to Gomorrahland, a comedy TV show that teases the cruel criminal organization. Thanks to the sparkling irreverence of the series, people are less afraid of the underworld and rebel against the little abuses that they undergo. The overwhelming success of the show, transforms the three actors, interpreters of the fierce and crazed Camorra, into a real star. When an envelope with three projectiles directed to the actors is delivered to the television station, nobody really takes that intimidation seriously. At least until a fun sequence of events and misunderstanding will force the trio, in spite of them, to enter a security program that slams them up and down for Italy. But the Camorra, unjustly accused, will not stand with its hands...