The Courage to Dare

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The Courage to Dare (Il coraggio di osare)

The Courage to Dare (Il coraggio di osare)

The Courage to Dare (Il coraggio di osare)

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Il coraggio di osare

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Ready (26/08/2016)

The Florentine Renaissance narrated by Monsignor Timothy Verdon, the passionate director of the Museum Opera del Duomo in Florence.
Giotto, Donatello, Brunelleschi and Michelangelo are some of the protagonists, stars of a Florence that is the centre of the modernity’s big bang.
The Cathedral’s events, in particular those regarding the dome’s building, are compared to the human necessity to challenge themselves to find solutions, in a dialectical method that doesn’t have an arrival point but always and only its passing.
Evocative images of sculpture, architecture and great nature interchange with ‘40s and ‘50s archive’s material in a mix of formats and languages that get the documentary close to the contemporary world. On the background, the events of an English student that, thanks to art and beauty, understands the importance of Civilization for our society. Civilization, as a real antidote to the chaos and confusion of our times, a positive enzyme that offers grace to communities and individuals.