The Prince

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The Prince (Il principe di Ostia Bronx)

The Prince (Il principe di Ostia Bronx)

original title:

Il principe di Ostia Bronx

directed by:







film run:

61'/ 75'




Ready (30/05/2017)

festivals & awards:

  • Biografilm Festival 2017: LifeTales Award Italia, Audience Award Italia, Biografilm Follower Award
  • Ortigia Film Festival 2017
  • Visioni Fuori Raccordo 2017

Warning: This film is designed for people who, at least once, have failed in their lives.

Dario and Maury, two actors refused from any theatre, academy, and cinema decided to move to the gay Roman nudist beach of Capocotta. Here, they set their stage, in a place where people come to feel free and unconstrained by the rules of society. Persevering with their philosophy of ‘failure as a new form of victory’ they became il Principe (the Prince) and la Contessa (the Countess) of the beach. In 20 years, they have gathered a little yet loyal audience, staging plays and creating a long repertoire of amateur little movies, where they confess the bitter reality of missing a real Stage, the one “only the so-called gentlemen are allowed to.”
With irreverent tones of Pop, Dance and Folk music, this film celebrates failure as a parody, making anybody willing to watch, a Prince or a Countess of the non-victories.