Galut, every end is a beginning

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Galut, every end is a beginning (Diaspora: ogni fine è un inizio)

Galut, every end is a beginning (Diaspora: ogni fine è un inizio)

Galut, every end is a beginning (Diaspora: ogni fine è un inizio)

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Diaspora: ogni fine è un inizio

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Marina Piperno, Victor Fornari, Ari Fornari, Anna Bises, Edna Barromi Perlman, Lee Perlman, George Sonnino




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Galut: every end is a beginning tells about a number of Italian Jewish families who were expelled from their country at the time of Fascist persecution, settled elsewhere and prospered against all odds.
After spending her whole life behind a camera as a producer—she was the first Italian woman to undertake that traditionally male profession—, Marina Piperno turned herself into the witness to, and narrator of, her family’s adventurous saga. The film spans the period from the passing of racist legislation by the Fascist regime in 1938—following similar legislation passed in Hitler’s Germany—to the present time, when her cousins are already 3rd-generation American, Israeli, and European. Galut: every end is a beginning also traces Marina’s personal quest of a sounder Jewish identity, freed from the baggage of assimilation, and enriched by the affection of many of her family members she had believed lost. During that meandering and often touching journey, Marina was able to locate, meet and engage her cousins in conversation. She also searched the photographic and paper archives of families related to her own, and showed those pictures alongside with others portraying modern, cosmopolitan Jews, successful in learning and in business. This mix of past and present makes both surprisingly vibrant, and brings to the fore the Jews’ incredible resilience and their endlessly diverse identities.
Galut: every end is a beginning lasts 240’ and is comprised of 6 chapters (80 Years Later; The United States of America, Land of Opportunities; The Blossoming Desert; We Were Here Before Julius Caesar; When Ari Lev Fornari Met Simone Piperno; To my Grandchildren). It was directed by Luigi Faccini, Marina Piperno’s companion of 40 years of moving pictures adventures.