Christmas in Love

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Christmas in Love

Christmas in Love

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Christmas in Love

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35mm - colour

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The professor FABRIZIO BARBETTI (Christian De Sica), is a famous plastic surgeon. Eventhough five years have passed since the bitter divorce from his wife Lisa ( Sabrina Ferrilli ), they still carry on a fierce hate ' relationship '. It is not just a simple conflict between ex spouses, but it is a real visceral kind of hate, and because of this, they have scrupulously avoided each other since. This Christmas they will meet again, each accompanied by their new companions: they will be in for surprises... GUIDO BALDI (Massimo Boldi) is a successful fifty year old. He is famous,well loved, has a beautiful wife, and an adoring daughter just barely over twenty years old, Monica(Cristiana Capotondi). Suffering from a mid life crisis, he meets a young fashion model Sofia ( Alena Seredova) and throws himself into a wild extramarital affair. His young daughter also throws herself into a new 'older' love affair, with Brad ( played by Danny De Vito ). During the Christmas holidays, the two couples will stay in the same house: sparks are going to fly... CONCETTA (Annamaria Barbera), an amusing woman from a little town in southern Italy, and die hard fan of Ron Moss, the star of one of the world's most famous soap opera, Beautiful. In over sixteen years she has never missed an episode. The best day of her life arrives when she is the winner of the contest ' Christmas with Ridge ': the prize is a week with Ron Moss, her idol. This is Concetta's dream come true..or is it her nightmare?