'A faccia

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'A faccia

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Ready (17/10/2016)

Salvatore Iodice is a carpenter. He has his workshop in the Spanish Quarter of Naples. Salvatore is a man full of initiative. Using waste materials builds imaginative rubbish bins, customized for the stores and shops of the district, information boards for tourists or benches for the elderly. Thus seeks to make his neighborhood a better place. But he is not alone. The Spanish quarters are inhabited by people who, with their daily work, education, culture and solidarity, achieve progress and social communion. By the Symphony Orchestra of the Spanish Quarter, part of Abreu Project and made by the children of the neighborhood, until Karen Torre Karate gym, obtained in the Baroque chapel of a church, Salvatore's work is always present and takes us on a journey through this vital part of the city of Naples, which is emerging as an important future lab, freeing herself from the reputation that for decades has penalized. Among the narrow streets of the District Salvatore is ready for his greatest initiative. The whole district rushes to see. With paint and brushes is preparing to restore the face of a famous "monument" of the Spanish Quarter, the Maradona mural.