Doppia luce

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Doppia luce

original title:

Doppia luce

directed by:



Tommaso Ermolli

visual effects:

Rudy Bertazzo





film run:




release date:


festivals & awards:

  • Los Angeles Indipendent Film Festival Awards 2015: Best Action/Thriller
  • TOP Short Film Festival 2015: Best Actress, Best Thriller, Best Audience Choice Award
  • Tacoma Film Festival 2015 Best Short Film
  • NoCrime Film Festival 2015: Best Actress, Best Cinematography
  • Cortinametraggio 2015: Best Short Film, Best Original Soundtrack
  • Visionaria Film Festival 2015: Best Short
  • Terra di Siena Film Festival 2015: Best Supporting Actor
  • Superman Celebration Film Festival 2015: Best Supporting Actress in a Drama
  • 60 Seconds Video Festival 2015: Best Short Mystery/Thriller
  • Festival KME 2015: Best Short
  • Molise Cinema 2015 Best Short
  • Durban International Film Festival 2015: Best Short Film
  • Start Film Festival 2015: Best Short Thriller
  • Sanford International Film Festival 2015: Best Actress
  • River Film Festival 205: Best Short Mystery/Thriller
  • Euganea Film Festival 2015: Best Action/Thriller
  • Salento Finibus Terrae 2015: Best Short Action/Thriller

Francesca Swart is a 33 year old woman who has a gift: physical contact with objects and people, allows her to see fleeting visions, flashes and images that are linked in some way to the person whom she is tracking down. It’s a unique gift that allows her to resolve cases where the police are at their depths, but in doing so, she attracts wrath and envy of powers deeply rooted in the Capital. Her help is seeked by diverse personalities, all afflicted by a strong dose of despair. Francesca carefully selects the cases she is going to pursue. She only takes cases of missing innocent children. She’s the one paying the greatest price for her own services. These are not clients. She has to deal with such a large doses of negativity that makes herself too exposed to the dark forces that rule the universe.