All is ablaze

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All is ablaze (Tutto è in fiamme)

All is ablaze (Tutto è in fiamme)

All is ablaze (Tutto è in fiamme)

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Tutto è in fiamme


Franco Bertossa, Fausto Taiten Guareschi, Corrado Pensa, Engaku Taino, Mario Thanavaro





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Ready (27/10/2016)

The main thread of an ancient Buddhist text. Strong words about the transience of everything and about the pain that we will inevitably face along our path.
Considerations about life and death, personal and existential situations will emerge. A mystery we all share together, poetically passed on to us through the eyes of five main characters. The personality of some of the most important Italian Buddhist masters come alive. It is not an exotic path, but rather a layout of familiar words, questions, searches that everyone can relate to.
Why did they approach Buddhism and which solutions did they find in this fascinating and mysterious oriental belief system?
From the voice of the masters, emerges the echo of an ancestral push that takes men of all generations away from all borders and nationalities.