I siciliani

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I siciliani

I siciliani

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I siciliani

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Antonio Emanuele, Adriana Tuzzeo, Tony Sperandeo, Giulia Giuffrè, Filippo Glorioso, Peppino Ciccia, Sosicle Barone, Marilena Barca, Giovanni Torres La Torre, Nunzio Buttà, Santo Trovato, Salvatore Celano, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Leo Gullotta, Ninni Bruschetta, Pietrangelo Buttafuoco e il popolo siciliano




Joe Castellano Blues Band, Rondò Siciliano, Gruppo Folk i Nebrodi, Davide Cuscunà, Antonio Smiriglia, Diego Spitalieri, Anna Bonomolo, Folkage Etno Band





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In a little village in the centre of Sicily there is a boy, Ignazio Bonaventura (Antonio Emanuele) living on occasional, of course illegal, works, registered as a perpetual unemployed. Tired of his condition, he decides to write a book about Sicilians, thus setting out on a journey to interview Sicilians and many popular people (such as Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Leo Gullotta, Tony Sperandeo, Pietrangelo Buttafuoco and Ninni Bruschetta). During his journey he meets several people, like the “mafioso” (Tony Sperandeo), the Honorable (Filippo Glorioso) and others, each of them somehow representing given aspects of Sicilians. Ignazio firmly believes he can find the answers to the several mysteries shrouding the way of thinking of such a complicated people like Sicilians to realize more about himself!
A long journey throughout Sicily, its several dialects and various landscapes, exactly there where, through nature, the story becomes lively and Sicilians start to talk proudly as if the sun and sea were their own property, inherited by some kind of ancestors. That’s the documentary film involving everything and everyone, since it represents the Sicilian people and Sicily in an actual, real, non-fiction way.