A Szent Lörinc folyó lazaca

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A Szent Lörinc folyó lazaca

A Szent Lörinc folyó lazaca

original title:

A Szent Lörinc folyó lazaca

italian title:

I salmoni del San Lorenzo

directed by:


Antonio Maria Magro, Bernadett Gregor, Eszter Onodi, Enzo Rapisarda, Alessandra Meloni, Sándor Szakácsi, János Gönczöl, Éva Igó, Artúr Kálid, György Bárdy, Péter Horkay, Péter Dóczy


set design:

costume design:


GPA, Cinema Film KFT (Budapest)





film run:




Paolo, who's a lawyer and a widower with a little daughter, Flora, who divides his time between his work and short periods of escape. During a stay in Budapest, he meets two girls, originally from Hungary, Mattia and Violette, who've come from Canada to Europe to carry out an improbable project. For them, Europe is a sort of Eldorado, as America was for their parents. Sickened by a series of personal adventures which went wrong, they have decided to go back to their roots with the idea of marrying a rich man. In additional to the eccentric project, Violette has also decided to search out her true roots, her Jewish and Hungarian origin. Paolo meets Violette and falls in love with her, but this love is impossible because the situation and the circumstances go beyond their wishes. The story of an interrupted love, the death of Mattia and the disappearance of Violette make Paolo think about the dispersion of salmon and their final climb to the San Lorenzo River.
From the book of the same name by Enzo Lauretta.