Beyond the result (first feature)

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Beyond the result (Al di là del risultato)

Beyond the result (Al di là del risultato)

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Al di là del risultato


Emanuele Gaetano Forte, Giorgio Stammati, Giacomo Forte, Matteo Palmaccio, Luigi Stammati



Giorgio Stammati, Giacomo Forte





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Formia is a small town, a narrow strip of land squeezed between sea and mountains.
There's only two ways you can pass through Formia: back and forth. The same goes for the lives of the four main characters: narrow is the place they inhabit, confined are the perspectives. Victims of both an old country that doesn't offer much and the worst financial crisis of the last eighty years, the four of them are indulging in this situation. Hangmen and victims, at once. Unable to desire or claim, always kind, asking for permission.
It might be that their parents' couches are too comfortable: so there they are, lying down, struggling as little as it gets to say: I tried.
Maybe. Because afterwards the sense of uneasiness reappears, overbearingly, along with the need to find a way out, a purpose, something to fight for.
An idea just like any other. Doesn't matter.

"Al di là del risultato" is my debut film. After participating in the making of some movies in Rome as assistant director, when I was around 22 years old, I started thinking that I could have filmed a feature film myself, self-produced so as to avoid to wait for some producer to be interested in my work. After all, I have always appreciated those directors who, feeling the need to talk about something, managed to make their movie even with few resources. In order to shoot this film, I felt the urge to get back to the place I came from, the one after all the experiences I went through in my life I found to be so desperately unchanged, almost by definition: the province. The idea behind this movie is indeed to capture this immobility which characterizes grotesquely many young people living in the province. Once I chose the setting (Formia, a town in the Southern Lazio whose population is around 40.000), I moved on to the characters, which I did not struggle to find in my group of friends, me included. This choice comes from the will to tell, as reliably as possible, what is all around me. As a matter of fact, the line between telling and documenting is blurred at times. The result is a movie with no actual storyline, a movie that spins around itself: just like its characters. An unstructured film, raw, once again an "outcast" due to the strength of the great narrations, just like the province. At the same time, the inadequacy of the means made it a movie, with full rights, about the cultural, economical and existential crisis, which characterizes, this time, not only the province, but Italy as a whole. The decision to show the lack of resources in some fragments of the movie, which overcome in some respects the barrier of cinematographic staging, should be interpreted as the ultimate act of "sincerity", which is the pivot of the film, this time coming straight from the author.