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Mitch Martinez





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Ready (20/02/2016)

festivals & awards:

  • Tracce Cinematografiche Film Fest 2016: in Competition

This is a short movie on the human life cycle completely based on the Fibonacci sequence. The noisy sound of an electric guitar goes along with the first part of the sequence until number 13, and it has been used to emulate the energy life requires. In the video, a video projector defines, from the start to the end, both the lightened and dark moments happening during our lives and at the meantime represents life as a film whom actors are ourselves. Five times the electric guitar has been played, each of its strings shows a picture: the first depicts a baby already born, the third a teenager, the fifth an adult, the eighth an old man, the thirteenth the baby again, this is because number 13 often represents the death and the resurrection. Even the echo produced by the guitar follows the Fibonacci sequence and each touch corresponds to a quick picture showing respectively the priorities of different life moments. The more years people have the more and different priorities they have: family and games for children; freedom, friendship and amusement for teenagers, job, marriage and sons for adults, and when you are old then you discover once again the pleasures of life hence a sunrise, the perfume of a flower, the wind, the sound of the falling snow, the person next to you, but at the same time priorities are accompanied by treatments and healthcare controls until our last watch towards the sky. The short movie lasts a minute and thirteen seconds, one and thirteen are the first and the last number of the Fibonacci sequence used to give birth to this project.