Sono tornato al nord (first feature)

Franco, a middle aged man from Calabria has only one dream: to go back to Turin where he did his military service twenty years ago. He wants to follow the footsteps of his uncle Spampinato, the man he considers to be a great success and in whose villa he plans to live. His parents would like him to remain in Calabria, since his father is nearing retirement and hopes his son will take over his job as a railwayman. Franco set on his dream, is determined to leave. He arrives in Turin accompanied by his little piglet, to find his uncle Spampinato waiting for him. After a few minor misunderstandings, finally the truth comes out: his uncle is not the owner of the villa serving as a retirement home, but runs a cleaning company called " Death to the acarus". The disillusioned Franco sets out to find himself a more suitable job, but after several failed attempts, he goes back to his uncle's cleaning company. One day, while he is busy cleaning a notary's office , he discovers a document which says there is an inheritance in his name that must be claimed in the next few days, or it will go to a third party. He doesn't have enough time to read the whole document, but on returning to that same office reads that this inheritance is an apartment However in order to inherit this apartment, he will need to pay an inheritance tax of 20,000 euro. Franco will get help from his uncle, the old people from the retirement home, the notary's secretary and a money lender full of surprises. He will have to confront the notary and mysterious lady who in the absence of the real inheritor , had inherited all of the goods. Despite all the difficulties and traps he must overcome, Franco succeeds in inheriting everything. He inherits the apartment as well as the retirement home in which his uncle unaware of everything, had been living.