The Invisible sword

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The Invisible sword (La spada invisibile)

original title:

La spada invisibile






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Ready (12/12/2016)

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This is a film investigating the experience, the emotion and the processing of the images in the dreams of the visually impaired.
During the research the most profound aspects of dream activity was tackled, seeking to penetrate the imagery of visually impaired persons, exploring the innermost regions of a human condition, trying to offer a vast panoramic view, enriched with the stories of the subjects involved.
By collecting the opinions and reports of experts, researchers and operators in the sector, we proceed to discover the external point of view too, that is how the imagery of the visually impaired is perceived and how it interacts with reality.
In this desire to present a topic that is so little known, there is also the objective of following our protagonists closely to discover what limit there is, if any, between their dreams, whether awake or asleep, and the reality that represents their present and their future.
A stimulating standpoint, seeking subjective replies to questions and nurturing the idea of representing how far the human imagination can be pushed beyond its innermost limit: the dark.