The End? (first feature)

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The End? (The End? L'inferno fuori)

The End? (The End? L'inferno fuori)

The End? (The End? L'inferno fuori)

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The End? L'inferno fuori

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Claudio is a businessman at the top of his game. His cocky, cynical attitude has helped him greatly during his career – if he wants something, he takes it, not willing to accept no for an answer. But what happens if any sense of control you’ve had is taken away from you in an instance? This is exactly what happens to Claudio. On his way to an important meeting, his elevator gets stuck. What starts out as a mere technical difficulty turns out to be a catastrophe of much larger proportions. Bit by bit and with his cell phone being the only source of information as he is trapped between floors, Claudio starts to realise that the world as he knew it has completely gone down the drain. Once familiar faces have turned savage and blood-smeared; a lethal virus is transforming people into highly contagious, homicidal zombies! Trapped inside a metal cage, with the ravenous ghouls out to get him, Claudio must rely entirely on his wits and survival instincts to break out of this hell on earth.