La finestra

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La finestra

La finestra

La finestra

original title:

La finestra

directed by:


Maria Antonia Erre, Antonio Delogu, Luigi Longu, Flavia Saddi



set design:

Silvia Di Francesco

costume design:





film run:



HD - colour


Ready (01/11/2016)

festivals & awards:

  • Terra di Cinema festival 2017: Compétition Courts-Métrages - Prix du meilleur court métrage, Prix lycée Suger
  • The European First Film Festival of Angers 2017: Films d'écoles européens
  • The Lecce European Film Festival 2017: Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia
  • Tirana International Film Festival 2017: Short Student
  • Turin Film Festival 2016: Festa Mobile / Festa Vintage
  • Dokufest - International Documentary and Short Film Festival 2017: International Competition
  • Tbilisi International Student Film Festival 2017: International Competition - Jury Prize
  • Sardinia Film Festival 2017: Premio Vetrina Sardegna
  • SHORT to the point 2017: Student Competition - Best Student Award
  • Videomedeja International Video Art Festival 2017: Lunartis, International Student Short
  • Fano International Film Festival 2017: Premio Speciale della Giuria
  • International Festival of Documentary and Short Film “Prvi Kadar” - East Sarajevo 2017: International Student Short

The last four inhabitants of a small village are forced to move out against their will, leaving their lifelong homes. This change destabilizes two of them in particular, and they start planning their escape to taste freedom once again.