Uberto of the mirrors

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Uberto of the mirrors (Uberto degli specchi)

Uberto of the mirrors (Uberto degli specchi)

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Uberto degli specchi


Uberto Bertacca, Renato Scarpa, Luca Ronconi, Gigi Proietti, Giancarlo Sepe, Paolo Poli, Glauco Mauri, Maria Francesca Siciliani, Enrico Lucherini, Fabrizio Celestini, Massimo Foschi, Sergio Nicolai, Giancarlo Bottone, Tato Russo, Viviana Toniolo, Bice Minori, Mario Amodio







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Ready (18/12/2016)

The life story of theatre set designer Uberto Bertacca (Viareggio, 1936) is made of work and creativity, passion and intuition, artisanship and imagination. A 40-year long career which intersected with all the main instances of Italian Theatre: prose, opera, musical comedy, with participations in cinema, television, even at the Sanremo Festival, in Italy and abroad, in France, Spain, Holland, Germany.
Visionary, innovative set designs, which have left a mark. And in many cases have made history, as did the unforgettable designs of Orlando Furioso in 1969). Bertacca worked with numerous acclaimed directors, from Luca Ronconi, to Giancarlo Sepe, from Garinei and Giovannini to Peter Del Monte, from Giuseppe Patroni Griffi to Attilio Corsini and Mauro Bolognini, just to name a few. Today Bertacca, a reserved and free-willed man, who always shone away from the limelight, has decided to live his old age far away from the public scene, in a small Tunisian city. Here the light, the sea, the wind and the simplicity of people’s life design a new setting. The artist who created the magic of scenic reality with mirrors, black boxes, utopian layouts, looks once again in the mirror, searching for the sense of a life.