When I dance

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When I dance

When I dance

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When I dance

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Asif Gillani, Adeel Ahmed, Imran Ashiraf, Mohsin, Ail Taha, Nicola Campanelli, Roberta Ricci, Liat Benattis, Ana Cotoré, Maia Pik, Alessio Trevisani, Daniela Lucato, Mahendra Gr



Italy / Germany



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Ready (18/01/2017)

"When I Dance" is a feature-length documentary about the artistic research of four dancers from Israel, Spain, and Italy, and the approach they take to interpret with their bodies the stories of some refugees. The film will follow the process of the dancers during their research and aims to portray how a non-refugee can connect to the experiences of a refugee, and to reflect about ourselves in this relationship.

I started the dance-theatre project "Connecting Fingers" as an experiment, with the idea that it would turn into a film. I wanted to follow the idea of using the body to represent a story. Many elements from the interviews I conducted with refugees combined to create a dramaturgy in a way that I did not expect. I did not know where it was leading, but I was interested in the process of how my dancers would get involved emotionally and physically, confronting themselves while interpreting stories which belong to other people. In analyzing this process, I realized that there is much more to discover. This is the how the idea of the film "When I Dance" was born.