The Feast

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The Feast (L'abbuffata)

The Feast (L'abbuffata)

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directed by:


Pasquale Mari, Paolo Ferrari (I), (immagini digitali)

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35mm - colour

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Diamante, a small town in Calabria, southern Italy. Hardly an exciting place. Gabriele, Marco and Nicola are three youngsters, who would like to shoot a movie. They interview an old lady, who recalls the love of her life, a distant cousin of hers who emigrated to America as a youth, whose return she is still waiting for. Indeed, a suitable plot for a movie. Neri is a former film director who shot one successful movie and then retired to Diamante. They ask for his help, in vain though. So they decide to travel to Rome, and Elena, Marco's sister, goes with them. Here, Francesco, a friend of Neri's, unwillingly accommodates them. They end up getting involved in the TV showbiz rather than cinema, and realize it's not that bad after all. However, they meet Amelie, a French, girl, who seems to be interested in their intent, and tells them she will mention it to Gerard, her fiancé, who actually turns out to be Gerard Depardieu, the renowned French actor... Could this be the turning point for them?