Rocco (second feature)

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Development/Pre-production (10/01/2019)

Rocco, 15 years old, and his mother Sara live in the suburban area. Their relationship is difficult. Sara is a woman without a steady job, untrustworthy and always willing to leave her son on the side for her occasional flings, while Rocco does all he can to protect her and keep her close. Their life together is further complicated when a new man comes into Sara’s life, Daniel, a fascinating and shady man with whom the woman seems to be establishing a more stable relationship than usual. After many arguments, fights followed by as many reconciliations, Rocco finally seems to find the right distance in his relationship to his mother thanks to the chance encounter with Greta, a young French woman of his age who is rehearsing for a theatre play and will enable him to meet a different reality from the one he is used to. Sara’s anxiety and the problems caused by her new relationship, will however force him to dedicate himself only to her again, carrying him in a whirlwind of betrayal and lies that will lead to dramatic consequences.