Sand & Fire

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original title:

De sable et de feu

italian title:

Sabbie e fuoco

directed by:



Lorenzo Fanfani


Flat Parioli, Jal’s Production, with the support of Film Commission Torino Piemonte





film run:




festivals & awards:

  • Terra Di Siena Film Festival 2019

Based on a true story, the film is about the story of Domingo Badia, officer in the Spanish army, sent in Morocco as “secret agent” by the name of Ali Bey to overthrow the sultan Moulay Slimane accused of selling wheat to English people in exchange for weapons (that then he would have directed against Spain) and Lady Hester Stanhope, niece of the English prime minister William Pitt and influential political figure, to whom a guy named Richard Brothers – famous for having perfectly predicted the beheading of Louis XVI – announced that she would have become queen of Palmira, the new Zenobia.
After their meeting in London, a 14 years love story between Ali Bey and Lady Hester starts and it will end with a tragic ending in which love will give way to two incompatible views of Islam. Inspired by real facts and characters, The Caliph’s Dream is a great adventure and action film, that draws on the tradition of the popular epics, rich in fearless heroes and continuous vicissitudes. Ali Bey leads the audience into an incredible journey through Spain, England, France, the sumptuous palaces of Madrid, Paris and London, then passing through Morocco and Middle East up to the scorching deserts of Arabia and to the ruins of Palmira. The film is a fantastic ride, a succession of adventurous events where courage, ambition and love are the real protagonists.

As great seducer, no one can resist Domingo Badia (Ali Bey)’s charm: from the simplest people to the higher dignitary, from Moulay Slimane, sultan of Morocco, to Lady Hester Stanhope, crowned queen of Palmira, to Napoleon who asks Talleyrand: “Is your protected a genius or a madman?” and Talleyrand answers: “He is a delicate mixture of both. Of that particular type that begets great men”.
Domingo Badia y Leblich, alias Ali Bey looked for me. And at the end he found me! I wanted to invest all my attention and my energy in the service of The Caliph’s Dream. I used to choose by myself the subjects and the characters for my previous films. This time I have this strongest feeling that I have been chosen, designated by the film.