Country for old men

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Country for old men

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Country for old men



GraffitiDoc, Rai Cinema, supported by Ministero della Cultura, with the support of Piemonte Doc Film Fund, Regione Piemonte, Programme MEDIA of the European Union (Slate Funding), Film Commission Torino Piemonte






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Cotacachi, Ecuador. Hundreds of elderly North Americans have chosen to spend their retirement years in this small town that's nestled between two ancient volcanoes. Protected by the high walls of their luxury compound, or precariously installed in the center's small houses, Bruce and Claudia, Michael, Cynthia, Mia, Bob, Jack and Eileen attempt, each in their own way, to go on living the American dream. Is it the myth of the New Frontier that is driving them, in line with the spirit of their ancestors? Or are they impelled by the paucity of their monthly Social Security checks? Amidst Skype calls to their distant families and the meticulous care they provide to stray dogs, each lives out the idea of a New Eden; even if some, more lucid than the others, see in their situation a modern-day parallel with that of the refugees of 'Casablanca'. Here too specters are looming large - those of a once familiar world that has begun to crumble. And all must now reckon with their past, and dolefully, with what remains of their foreshortened future; only to perhaps ultimately discover what truly endures when everything around oneself becomes foreign…