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Sunday Nubi Onuche, Benedicta Gbemudu, Helen Ameh


Gianluca Arcopinto, Fabio Gasparrini


Lama Film, Horace, for O.I.M. – Organizzazione Internazionale per le Migrazioni, with the support of Ministero dell’Interno, Dipartimento per le Libertà Civili e per l’Immigrazione





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Ready (12/06/2017)

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Jonathan is a young boy of Igbo origin born in Lagos. He has a passion for music and, with the help of a friend and another singer, he is doing a recording session of a hip-hop piece he wrote. His phone rings during the recording: the call alarms him and he leaves the studio. The call is from Ayo, a friend of his cousin Momo, who wanted to enter Europe through the desert and the Mediterranean Sea, like many young people of his age. Unfortunately, Momo dies in the sea during the crossing. The message of the untimely death has to be delivered to Momo’s grandmother who lives in a village in the heart of south east of Nigeria. A family meeting is convened and Jonathan’s grandmother is given the unhappy task of taking the message to her sister, Momo’s grandmother. Jonathan’s grandmother asks him to accompany her in the long journey. Jonathan reluctantly accepts and they leave the following morning. The bus trip is an opportunity for a heart to heart encounter between grandmother and nephew. The grandmother warns him about wasting his future and precious time with music. Jonathan tries to make her understand him, but all his efforts seem futile. On arrival at their destination, the two decide to spend the night at Momo’s grandmother’s. Saddened by the nephew’s untimely death, Momo’s grandmother reveals to her sister that she had saved some money for Momo’s university education, but that the young boy preferred to embark on the dangerous road trip to Europe. She offers the money to her sister for Jonathan’s future. Her sister refuses to take the money: but maybe there’s more behind her refusal. Probably she had understood her nephew’s intentions, much more than Jonathan himself...