Blessed Madness

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Blessed Madness (Benedetta follia)

Blessed Madness (Benedetta follia)

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Benedetta follia

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Guglielmo (Carlo Verdone), owner of a shop selling religious items, is a mild-mannered, middle class, catholic man who is always worried about the opinions of others. Suddenly, on his 25th wedding anniversary day, his wife leaves him for another woman Silvana, an assistant at the shop! Months pass, and Guglielmo experiences a condition which, for him, is a total mystery: being newly single after 25 years.
But, he can’t enjoy anything, he misses his wife terribly, and look sad and depressed to his customers.
One day, Luna (Ilenia Pastorelli), a lovely and cheery suburban girl, comes to his shop, applying to replace Silvana as a shop assistant. The interview is surreal as the girl is hardly an expert in the field, but when left alone in the shop, she incredibly manages to sell a statue at an enormous price! Quite impressed, but not showing it, Guglielmo hires her on a trial basis and little by little Luna overwhelms him with her cheerfulness, filling his days with a new energy. Finding out that his wife left him, she convinces him that he needs to change everything about his world. Enough with the boring and repetitive lifestyle: she signs him up to lovit, a dating app!
And so begin a series of dates, meticulously selected by Luna for Guglielmo through the app. Guglielmo, while searching for a soul-mate, will embark in incredible and out of this world situations!