To Paradise (first feature)

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To Paradise

original title:

To Paradise

directed by:


Anis Gharbi, Alessandra Bianchi, Silvia Sorrentino, Krizia, Gianfranco Fumagalli



Gianluca Sacchi





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In 2011, after the revolution of Jasmine, in Italy comes a massive wave of illegal immigration of Tunisians seeking a better life. Among them is also Amir, an unemployed ex-boxer and entertainer in touristic resorts who has a simple dream: to earn a bit 'of money in order to create a family and help his elderly sick mother remained in Tunisia. Upon his arrival in Italy, however, understands that the paradise he dreamed of is just an illusion. Although all difficulties Amir start struggling and compromising himself to survive: he attempt everything, start working illegally as entertainer, and then gigolo, tried acting on normal films and then pornography. He take a spouse to regulate his documents and try a normal labor, but everything fail and finally he becomes a cocaine dealer for the mob. When he succeeds on the economic issue and is about to return to Tunisia, the love of a girl will force him to make a choice: how far is he willing to risk everything he got for her?