Caliber 9

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Caliber 9 (Calibro 9)

Caliber 9 (Calibro 9)

original title:

Calibro 9

directed by:



Emanuele Frusi, Toni D'Angelo, Vincenzo Adelini


Minerva Pictures, GapBusters, Rai Cinema, supported by Ministero della Cultura, with the support of Regione Lazio, with the support of Fondazione Calabria Film Commission





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festivals & awards:

  • Turin Film Festival 2020: Out of Competition
  • Filming Italy Los Angeles 2021
  • Ferrara Film Festival 2021

Milan, Fernando, son of Ugo Piazza, is a brilliant criminal defense lawyer, unlike his criminal father.
When 100 million euros disappear in a telematic fraud, and the prime suspect is Fernando Piazza’s client, his name is set to be dangerously compromised. Especially since the defrauded company is actually a cover up for the most powerful criminal activity in the world, the ‘ndrangheta mafia.
Milan, Platì, Frankfurt, Toronto, Melbourne and Antwerp are just a few of the moves Fernando is forced to make in what will become the most dangerous game of his life.

The movie is a tribute to Milano Calibro 9 and it respects today's audiences, who can watch the new version even without having seen the original one. I wanted to make sure it would reach younger viewers, but besides that I absolutely made the movie I wanted to make and that I felt like making. It might be more ‘detective story’ than ‘crime,’ but after all, when you write and direct a movie, you are always on your characters' side. Whether they are bad guys or not, you can't help caring about them. That is the beauty of cinema, you can even love the characters you would hate in real life.