The Harvest

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The Harvest

The Harvest

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The Harvest


Hardeep Kaur, Gurwinder Singh, Marco Omizzolo, Simone Andreotti, Gurmuk Singh, Sarbjit Chauhan, Slick Steve and the Gangsters, Stephen Hogan, Pietro Ettore Gozzini, Beppe Facchetti, Alle B. Goode, Bhangra Vibes, Harvinder Singh, Ajaypal Singh, Mandeep Singh, Maninder Singh, Ajay singh, Nirbhay singh, Hazur Singh, Jagbir Singh







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  • Humandoc Film Festival 2017
  • Delhi International Film Festival 2017: Official Selection

Gurwinder comes from Punjab, he’s been working for years as a farm hand in Agro Pontino, not far from Rome. Since he first came in Italy, he’s been living with the rest of the Sikh community in Latina province. Hardeep is also Indian, but her stress is Roman, and she works as a cultural mediator.
She, born and raised in Italy, is trying to free herself from the memories of a family that emigrated in another age, while he is forced, against his faith, to take methamphetamine and doping to bear the heavy work pace, to be able to send money in India.
A docu-musical that, for the first time, combines the documentary and the traditional Punjabi choreographies, to show the humiliation of the workers in the fields, exploited by the gang-masters. Two stories intertwining, during one day, from the work in the fields from the first hours of the morning to the evening prayer in the temple. A tough work of seeding, day after day, whose deserved harvest, between residence permits to be renewed and fake pay checks, still appears very far.