Sign Gene (first feature)

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Sign Gene

Sign Gene

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Sign Gene

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Emilio Insolera, Carola Insolera, Humberto Insolera, Hiroshi Vava, Nobuyuki Motte, Ben Bahan, Danny Gong, Jesse Thomas, Cristina Insolera, Vanessa Faraone, Harada Naoki, Yoriko Karasaki



Hiroshi Vava


Philippe Glandien





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The secret agent Tom Clerc (Emilio Insolera) is Deaf from a multi-generational Deaf family ranging as far back as the 17th century and is descendant of Laurent Clerc 'the Father of the Deaf in America'. Tom is carrier of SGx29 a powerful Sign Gene mutation that enables him to create super powers throughout the use of Sign Language. However, he lost a significant portion of his powers during a fierce fight some years back against his main villain, his own deaf brother Jux Clerc (Humberto Insolera) the leader of an evil organization dedicated to exterminating Sign Gene mutants, called the
Hugh Denison (Ben Bahan), the head of the Q.I.A. (QuinPar Intelligence Agency), an agency affiliated to the Pentagon composed of hand-selected agents with Sign Gene mutation, sends Tom Clerc and his colleague Ken Wong (Danny Gong) from New York City to Osaka to investigate various intriguing crimes scene. They end up in a fight with a Japanese gang led by Tatsumi Fuwa (Hiroshi Vava) and learn that they can win the game only by playing it the Japanese way. Tom Clerc also learns that his powers are not lost forever.