Road of Hearts (first feature)

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Road of Hearts (Il cuore in mano, i piedi sulla strada)

Road of Hearts (Il cuore in mano, i piedi sulla strada)

original title:

Il cuore in mano, i piedi sulla strada

directed by:


Karin Giegerich, Wilma Apollonia, Masamba Diohane, Marco Brandizi, Fallou Thiam, Mauro Taccaliti, Max Geller, Giordana Marconi, Sarah Becker, Fiorenza Montanari


Uli Möller, Nicole Swidler


Tanja Häring


Beatrice Orlando


Max Geller, L'Armata Brancaleone, Lu Trainanà, Tormento


Uli Möller, Beatrice Broglia, Melanie Hasler





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festivals & awards:

  • Festival del Cinema Europeo 2013: Special Events

The Strada Statale 16, also called l´Adriatica, with its 1000km is the longest street of the Italian road system. It traverses Italy from the North to the South, leaving from near Venice and arriving near the most easterly point of the Italian mainland. On its way through Italy, the SS16 crosses several cities, municipalities but even destinies. We meet a prostitute who seeks to find herself on a pilgrimage, we get to know a dishevelled and abandoned dog which becomes the symbol of hope for an African beach seller and we make the acquaintance of the young girl Wilma, who is putting tirelessly one foot in front of the other with longing expectation of her father´s return. Here murderers become heroes and deportations epitomize love. Here many performers are not professional actors, but passers-by who crossed our way by chance and who simply play themselves. As the film does not possess a script, IL CUORE IN MANO, I PIEDI SULLA STRADA is neither a comedy nor a tragedy and does neither correspond to the cliché of “dolce vita” nor does it only consist of horror scenarios. The SS16 reflects the inconsistency and polarity of life as well as it brings its extremes so close together that the border between good and bad, luck and un-luck, happiness and sadness become blurred.