Fat Cat (first feature)

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Fat Cat

Fat Cat

original title:

Fat Cat

directed by:


Lorenzo Richelmy, Dario Masciello, Tommaso Arnaldi, Max Sbarsi, Angela Favella, Marcus Taylor, Stephanie Tripp, Gualtiero Burzi


Evgeny Sinelnikov


Gian De Feo


Gianni Chiarparini


Marco Cainero







festivals & awards:

  • Las Vegas Pollygrind Film Festival 2012: Best Foreign Language Film, Best Supporting Actress
  • Irvine International Film Festival 2013: In Competition
  • Idyllwild Film Festival 2013: In Competition
  • Festivus Film Festival 2013: Official Selection
  • New York Independent Film Festival 2012: Honourable Mention
  • Razol Reel Fantastic Film Festival 2012: Official Selection
  • Berlin indipendent film festival 2013: Official Selection
  • Independent filmmakers showcase screenplay competition 2013: Official Selection
  • Madrid International Film Festival 2013: Best Cinematography

Hapless wannabe Italian hoods, Burro and Zeus inadvertently start a Mafia war after accidentally shooting a go-go dancer in a nightclub, killing her revenge-seeking boss/boyfriend and bungling the disposal of his body.
Alarmed by the nightclub owner’s apparent assassination, Burro and Zeus’ dangerous psycho crime lord boss Mosca consults his trusted confidante: a bronze statuette of a cat called Renato. Fearful of his violent reaction to the truth, Burro and Zeus allow Mosca to come to the wrong conclusion about the murder: that Mosca’s big Mafia rival Don Galante is making a move against him.
Caught in the crossfire of the Mob War that follows, Burro and Zeus must duck and dive to dodge the bullets and stay alive. But when Mosca learns that Burro and Zeus were in fact responsible for the nightclub owner’s fate, he teams with Don Galante and their joint wrath is turned against the talentless two.
With hit men on their tail, Burro and Zeus run for their lives leaving a trail of destruction that takes them from Italy to London and back again; chancing their luck in an audacious plan to turn the tables on the rival crime lords and save their crazy skins.