The Summer House

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The Summer House (Les estivants)

Like every summer, Anna will spend a few days on the Riviera in her dynasty's gigantic estate. But this time, she must not only face a dysfunctional family but also face a brutal break up, an unfinished script and a haunting ghost...

Since I was born, I’ve spent every vacation in a big and beautiful property on the French Riviera. It’s a seemingly timeless place, sheltered from the world. With this film I tell the story of a group of people in this house, the owners’ family, their friends and employees. I recount each person’s solitude, despite their being in a group, the overbearing dynamics of relationships, fears, shame, revolt, desires, and their loves. My intention is to relate how each person deliberately chooses to ignore the noise of the world outside, the time that passes, death that is lurking; how everyone is alone faced with the mystery of their own existence.