The Stranger

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The Stranger

original title:

The Stranger

directed by:


Ameth Ba, Songne Abdoul Samade, Salvatore Bruno, Vincenza Bruno






film run:





Ready (28/08/2017)

The Stranger is a projects that goes straight to the heart. Ameth Ba is a black guy who had came to our Country to create a better future for himself but he has been victim of racial discrimination, pushed to extremal consequences.
The sensitivity of the boy emerges through the disarming simplicity with which the story of the violences suffered are told. It shows how Ameth is a human being before being a black dude. The documentary pushes the audience to make an important reflections.
Everything is shot through an Iphone and this is a really specific choice so that the protagonist could feel totally comfortable and could feel free to be himself. The Stranger remembers to us that the Italians has been immigrant themselves in Countries such as the United States, Austria and Argentina.
The effectiveness of the communicative goal is shown in the essential line of the documentary, underlined from the "colors" of the movie. It has a direct and truthful message.