Il Golfo di Napoli

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Il Golfo di Napoli

Il Golfo di Napoli

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Il Golfo di Napoli

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Ready (18/09/2017)

In the waters of the Gulf of Naples there are the islands of Procida, Ischia and Capri: Mediterranean beads. A magical atmosphere whispers by landing on the islands, which seduce and enchant tourists. The shades of the sea, the white and clear color of typical homes, are tiles of a mosaic of extreme beauty. The rugged coastlines that features the islands have coves and steep cliffs. Natural creeks, such as the famous Blue Cavern, give magic light effects inspired by poets and writers of all ages. Changing lights linger on rocky islands that, from the clear and deep waters, sway to the sky: the Faraglioni, a symbol of the island known all over the world. Capri, Procida and Ischia are described with images and words: this is the goal of “Insolita Italia” (Unusual Italy), an initiative of the DATABENC district, created to promote places and realities, the excellence of Made in Italy. Walking through alleys and narrow streets, in the narrow trails between the land and the sea, bloggers and instagramers have taken on the different nuances that only this island can give. A mix of history, nature, world, culture, events gave way to the Myth of Capri, a myth unmatched in the world.