L'Irpinia e la Costa d’Amalfi

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L'Irpinia e la Costa d’Amalfi

L'Irpinia e la Costa d’Amalfi

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L'Irpinia e la Costa d’Amalfi

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Ready (18/09/2017)

Two tours born thanks to the initiatives of cultural and environmental revival of the Campania region, promoted by the DATABENC district (High Technology District for Cultural Activities), which has enabled influencers and food bloggers to live and tell a culture-based experience , art and good food. Web and mobile resources, prototypical applications and information boards have led tourists to discover unusual places of interest, including historical-artistic testimonies and flavours of ancient culinary traditions. Traveling in Irpinia means diving in landscapes and expanse of intense green that design a scenery of shades to observe and admire. Among the testimonies of the past and the remains of ancient peoples that populated this land, the eye of the visitor is abducted by the hills covered by the thick vineyards. And here is where wine grapes and grape bunches produce intense flavours of wine, the fruit of a territory that offers a wide range of DOC and DOCG products. White and red wines that are born from the tradition and the knowledge of producers tied to the land and its intrinsic qualities.