Sardegna Doc

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Sardegna Doc

Sardegna Doc

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Sardegna Doc

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Ready (18/09/2016)

Immersed in the clear Mediterranean light, perfect mosaic of shapes and colours, Sardinia is a unique land in the world. Evocative sites, the deep essence of an island with enchanting charm, where the white color of the sand blends with the blue of the crystalline sea and the green shades of the natural stretches. Coasts rich in coves, wind-rocky rocks, rough and wild mountainous areas, design a unique landscape immersed in the thrilling embrace of the Mediterranean sky. Ports of landing, meeting place of peoples and traditions, Sardinia is a magical reality where the echo of ancient cultures resounds. Millennial monuments, immortal stone giants, witnesses of a glorious and mysterious past, silence between harmonious and contrasting scenery. Numerous peoples who have tried to dominate an indomitable, strong and energetic land, capable of preserving their identity. The pride of belonging to a unique culture, which has preserved the originality of its own language and traditions. Every place in Sardinia boasts a particular history and preserves ancient traditions, memories of a past that are reflected in the faces of the people who inhabit a timeless land; witnesses of life from the ancient flavour that have contributed to forge identity made of values and virtues.