Lorello and Brunello

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Lorello and Brunello (Lorello e Brunello)

Lorello and Brunello (Lorello e Brunello)

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Lorello e Brunello

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Brunello Biondi, Lorello Biondi, Ultimina Capecchi Biondi, Mirella Iona Plugaru, Wilma Funghi Biondi, Giuliano Biondi, Raniero Marroni, Domenico Serra, Addis Pampanini







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The story of Brunello and Lorello Biondi, twins living in Pianetti di Sovana, southern Tuscany, revolves around time. They spend every day, every hour taking care of the estate where they were born. All their time is completely dedicated to and consumed by constant work, as if they were condemned to some sort of existential labour. But, notwithstanding their efforts, they are on the verge of failure, they feel helpless in front of the dropping prices of the global economic market, acting like an invisible enemy, that they identify in the Antinori, a global wine company that is besieging the twins and their impoverished neighbours.
The film, divided in four chapters, follows the seasons of a year: wolves attacking sheeps at night, working at dawn, dust, animals, death and births.

Lorello e Brunello is film about work, the land, the seasons. The heat, the drought, the night. Time. Solitude. They are up well before dawn but what’s the point of working so hard? I wanted to understand the lives of these people who do nothing but work, without the slightest gratification, without ever any joy. I wanted to live with them to understand. To understand the rules of the countryside, of farming, of planting, of harvesting. How do they deal with the three hours they spend every day milking the sheep in an uproar of udders and dung? What do they think about when they spend the night on a tractor in a field in the dark, alone in the dust?