La resurrezione della madre

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La resurrezione della madre

La resurrezione della madre

original title:

La resurrezione della madre

directed by:



Ugo Garlanda








Ready (22/09/2017)

Three young men from Rome, looking for answers on the meaning of life and on themselves, dive almost unwittingly into the overwhelming rite of the Sardinian carnival. They plunge into an ancient world, which is still alive in a modern context. It’s a space where the contemporary man has to deal with the deepest aspects of his soul. They meet with madness, death, residues of a pagan culture and twisted relationships with the Nature, as well as with rabid and violent rebellions against the power. They left for a travel through the space, and end up instead moving through the time, missing in the end those answers that they were naively looking for. What they don’t know yet, and never will, is that they are watched once again by her: Mother Hearth who earns respect through those rituals, gaining power to keep the human being alive.