El Paraiso (Pablo) (first feature)

original title:

El Paraiso (Pablo)


Young Films, with the support of Regione Lazio








Development/Pre-production (30/09/2020)

Pablo’s life is ruled by drugs and by the intense and oppressive relationship he has with his mother, a former cocaine mule who escaped from Colombia and with whom he shares a small house in the outskirts of Rome.
After her death, following her relapse into drug addiction caused by his emotional involvement with a young Colombian girl mixed up in the smuggling ring, Pablo’s guilt pushes him to try and bring her ashes back to Colombia.
When the embassy denies his request on the basis of the fake identity and passport of his mother, the protagonist will be forced to tackle the journey by ingesting ovules containing ashes instead of drugs and he will find himself in his home country for the first time, desperately looking for redemption and his mother’s house on the Madgalena river.