We Are The Winners (first feature)

original title:

Abbiamo vinto noi

directed by:








Development/Pre-production (08/02/2022)

Marco is full of positive energy despite his frustration and anger for living in a suburb with no space for imagination. He is unemployed and his family cannot really support him, also because of his mother mental illness. Anna is his girlfriend, his great love, but her family does not like him much. When Marco finds out that Anna is pregnant and he will become a father, together with Anna he will find the strength to face his demons, his mother's illness, to finally understand the world around him!
A "musical" movie that through the coming-of-age novel of one of its inhabitants, takes us into a journey in between fiction and reality to meet the characters and the life of a neighbourhood animated by great dreams and desires.

In 2014 Rome’s suburb Tor Sapienza was burning with racial conflict against the local underage migrants reception center. Despite what happened the neighbourhood is not just what the media have portrayed. This is why we decided to twist the stereotype of the Roman peripheral violent cinema through a participative approach. We believe that making a movie could be a political act to intervene in reality. We have decided to involve the neighborhood as a whole allowing them to take part and therefore offer a different perspective on their future.
The feature film has been originated by the Tor Sapienza Film Lab experience, held in 2015/17, where boys and girls from the blocks learned to write and play their stories. Three short films where produced as a result of that experience: Truth or Dare, If I had the words and Almost Heroes (the latter won the Nastro d’Argento award in 2016).
We strongly believe in the authenticity of the stories collected over these years and the film originated by them would narrate the reality of the district in depth and in a smart and original way. This wants to be an unconventional film where Marco’s imaginative moments are represented with music, in a story deeply rooted in reality.