Dieci storie proprio così

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Dieci storie proprio così

Dieci storie proprio così

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Dieci storie proprio così

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Antonio Bannò, Daria D’Aloia, Vincenzo D’Amato, Tania Garribba, Valentina Minzoni, Adriano Pantaleo, Salvatore Presutto, Ludovica Siani, Diego Valentino Venditti, Alessio Vassallo







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Ready (13/10/2017)

Dieci Storie Proprio Così talks about a Country afflicted by corruption and crime but still able to surprise. It is a journey inside an Italy that changes.
The protagonists are cultural organitations, agricultural holding, radio stations and restaurants that have been built thanks to assets confiscated from the mafia. The protagonists are schools, theaters and businesses that have become the only and indispensable reference in those neighbrhoods where the decline and the desertion rule. The protagonists are professors and journalists that don’t feel that the labor union can “commit” to use the word “commitment”.
Dieci Storie Proprio Così had its debut at Teatro San Carlo in Naples 2012. The stage becames a tool to investigate but also to transform the community. Authors, director and actors have involved teachers, students and minors inmates through a a changing process.
The documentary shows men and women aware of the risks they are running but also able to keep going besides their fears. From Lombardy to Sicily, the actors meets with the protagonists of the stories and on the stage gives them back the meaning of their choices.