The Young Fan (second feature)

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The Young Fan (Il ragazzo più felice del mondo)

The Young Fan (Il ragazzo più felice del mondo)

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Il ragazzo più felice del mondo


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Based on real events the story is a mix of fiction and reality. Gipi is one of the most important contemporary comic’s artist.
His graphic novels are published worldwide, but 20 years ago he was at the beginning of his career.
One day, in 1997, he received a hand written paper letter from a young fan. In the letter this 15 years old fan expressed all his love for Gipi’s drawings and stories and asked for a gift in exchange for his love: a commission for free. With his name: “To francesco”, wrote on it.
In 2017, Gipi discover that this person had done the same, with many other cartoonists in the past 20 years. always the same letter, the same love, and the same age.
So, Gipi, with three weird friends, decide to start a quest in search for this guy, a kind of immortal 15 years old fan.
The story narrates, with lot of humour, this quest and this research.
But discovering the truth about this man will change everything, forcing Gipi and his “smart patrol” to face difficult choices and moral issues.