Bottoms Up

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Bottoms Up (Alla salute!)

Bottoms Up (Alla salute!)

original title:

Alla salute!

directed by:


Nicola Difino, Roy Paci, Simone Salvini, Paola Maugeri, Don Pasta, Diego Rossi, Attilio Guarini, Vincenzo Deluci






film run:





Ready (25/05/2018)

festivals & awards:

  • WorldFest-Houston 2020: Gold Remi for Best Documentary
  • Hot Docs 2019: Made In Italy
  • Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2019: Food vs Food
  • Biografilm Festival 2018: Biografilm Italia - Audience Award, Lifetales Award
  • Tirana International Film Festival 2018: Documentary International Competition
  • Sudestival 2019: Special Closing Event
  • Orvieto Human Rights Film festival 2018: Premio Miglior Film - Diritti
  • Festival Cinema del Reale 2018
  • Clorofilla Film Festival 2018
  • Festival tutti nello stesso piatto 2018
  • World Film Festival - Estonia 2019
  • Cinema Verite - Iran International Documentary Film Festival 2019: Official Selection
  • AntofaCine - Antofagasta Film Festival 2019: Official Selection

Can one be happy despite being gravely ill? Nick Difino, a food performer, posed this question to himself. After being diagnosed with a Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, his disease became a challenge to find his own “recipe for happiness”. His story – mainly narrated using his video diaries – is alternated with the voices of seven acclaimed Chefs and artists – among which Simone Salvini, Roy Paci, Diego Rossi and others – who portray Nick’s struggle, since cooking for him during the treatment has got them closely involved. While preparing the meals they ponder over subjects as disease, happiness, love for life, death and – of course – the role of Food.