The Last Concert

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The Last Concert (Non escludo il ritorno)

original title:

Non escludo il ritorno

directed by:



set design:

Federico Faini, Roberta Montemale

costume design:

Daniela Leuci

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A story about the "third life" of the italian songwriter Franco Califano: from its decline to the rebirth, until his death. Life experiences, moments of tragedy and suffering he always overcame with lightness and tenacity.
He is walking on a beach, moving away from his closest friends to go away to die in solitude. He relives moments of fun alternated with moments of loneliness and bitterness. Through his thoughts, we discover his relationship with himself, with friends, with the world of entertainment and with journalists. He also recalls his relationship with young people and the incentive they gave him to return writing songs and re-emerge from the abyss into which he was confined.
A particular journey that introduces us to an unpublished Franco Califano since he shows the most unknown side of his soul, through phrases, thoughts and experiences he lived in his last 10 years. A trip to shows also that people can make mistakes and take wrong turns, but can also find the strength to go up, looking for a glimmer of joy even in the worst moments.