L'altrove più vicino

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L'altrove più vicino

original title:

L'altrove più vicino

directed by:


Claudio Magris, Paolo Rumiz, Alojz Rebula, Toni Servillo, Igor Coretti-Kuret






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Ready (14/11/2017)

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A journey to the limits of the elsewhere which is closest to us, a land, a people, a culture, which are just beyond a moveable threshold made to be crossed and cancelled millions of times by the transmigration of people, languages, habits. Slovenia depicted through the words and eyes of Paolo Rumiz, encountered in places of mysticism or technology, to tell us how deeply our roots can delve into the land of others. Slovenia in the first interview the great poet Alojz Rebula gives after many years; he has gone blind but he still writes. The beauty of the language, its intrinsic pliability for poetry, for the visions of literature. Slovenia in the reminiscences of Claudio Magris, his walks on Monte Nevoso; in the verses of the author Marisa Madieri, who is his wife and an Istrian exile. The Slovenia of the very young and enthusiastic orchestra directed by Maestro Igor Coretti-Kuret which was created to overcome every border and form a cultural and emotional continent. Slovenia in the passages written by Boris Pahor and recited by Toni Servillo.