Uninvited - Marcello Burlon

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Uninvited - Marcello Burlon

Uninvited - Marcello Burlon

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Uninvited - Marcello Burlon

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Ready (15/11/2017)

The documentary is a public and private portrait of Marcelo Burlon, one of the most fascinating and influent hated and loved character in the fashion world.
Uninvited - Marcelo Burlon talks about the complexity of the fashion world through this person who has been so sincere and direct, controversial and discussed, using a different point of view from the standard idea that the people have of this world. It is so shown the authenticity of this field where nothing seems to be authentic on a first look, a system that is getting poorer because it is not able anymore to talk to his final audience.
Marcelo Burlon is a controversial character: lots of people appreciate his geniality, his ability to understand the time we are in and decline it in his creations; lots of others despise him for his craftiness. Born in Patagonia, Marcelo Burlon moves to Italy with his family in the 90s, living a real upside down immigration journey. It's during those years that he has the most desperate experiences of his life and starts having interest in the fashion world.
Today its holding makes millions every year, and in addition to his brand, it produces five more. Thanks to his brilliant ability to communicate, Marcelo has become one the represent of a new generation od Creative Directors; a generation that shouldn't be judged for its ability in making clothes but in telling a passionated story to it audience.