On the Road to Canaan

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On the Road to Canaan (La strada per Canaan)

On the Road to Canaan (La strada per Canaan)

original title:

La strada per Canaan

directed by:


Daniela Mitu, Ahmad Asad, Shennar Raghda, Sara Asad, Matilde Rayas, Joymay Cabrillos, Sanguyo Marites, Maderazo Marivic, Apolonia Sto Domingo, Mihaela Pirvu, Oana Pirvuk Christine Grace Cabrillos, Shania Sanguyo, Tiffany Sanguyo, Erika Servanez, Alyssia Servanez, Karim Mihoual, Tardane Hanane, Jinane Mihoual, Mahmoud Mihoual, Mohamed Azzadine, Samira Zaghab



Habanero Film, In Dialogo – Cultura e Comunicazione, with the support of Fondazione Cariplo, FAAP





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Ready (01/12/2017)

The film deals with the theme of integration starting with the meeting of main religious communities in Milan. Faith is still a fundamental element that has driven all of these people to a new dimension of life. The differences beetwen them are lost with the story proceeding and the religious dimension is the first element to keep them united.


The idea of the film was born by two wishes. The first is to find out whether, in addition to the media news that we hear every day on the issue of migration, there is more common immigration that any of us meets when we leave home, but it often does not have a voice. The second is to observe closely the religious communities, both those that have always been present in our country and those born in recent years, focusing on how they deal with the issue of migration. The goal has become to portray the protagonists in familiar places trying to spontaneously bring their emotions, feelings from their stories. The distance of the camera changes depending on whether it is a confidential time such as interviews, or intimate and personal as prayer places. The editing wants to crumble the formal boundaries of the communities to offer a common tale told by a single voice.