It can't always be summer

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It can't always be summer (Non può essere sempre estate)

It can't always be summer (Non può essere sempre estate)

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Non può essere sempre estate


Domenico Bisogni, Alessio Dalia, Chiara Stella Riccio, Nicola Laieta, Giuseppe Di Somma, Mena Carrillo, Antonia Cuccioli, Enrico Borrelli, Ilenia Caccavo, Rosa Capuano, Gennaro Adamo, Nadia Carfagna, Roberta Carratone, Antonio d’Amato, Alessandro Esposito, Giuseppe Esposito, Syria Giulietti, Patrizia Guadagnuolo, Carmine Marino, Luca Navarra, Lucia Noviello, Gennaro Pantaleno, Simone Petricciuolo, Davide Caldieri





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Ready (05/12/2017)

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Chiara Stella, Domenico and Alessio are all 15 years old and every Monday they go to theatre classes at the Centro Asterix, a recreational space with a small theatre, located in San Giovanni in Teduccio, a district in the eastern suburbs of Naples. The three are from neighbouring areas: Ponticelli, Barra and San Giovanni itself.
They are involved in rehearsals for a production of Vincenzo De Pretore, a play by Eduardo De Filippo. Nicola, the director of the show, has suggested this text for a particular reason: it reflects the lives of many of the kids and depicts the kinds of situations they are faced with daily.
The film closely follows the relationships between the children and their teachers; Nicola encourages the children to look into themselves and find ways of facing life with a conscious and above all calm approach. The stories, the needs and personalities of Chiara Stella, Domenico and Alessio emerge through crises, successes and reflection; they open up to each other thanks to the methods and direction of Nicola and through improvisation on the stage. The theatre thus becomes a space for discussion and self-analysis. With their eminent stage debut, our actors will succeed in breaking through their inner barriers and will emerge recounting their discoveries.