Rasha's Dream (first feature)

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original title:

Rasha's Dream


Joseph Bou Nassar, Lauren Houda Hussein


Alessandro Guidotti, Lina Joukhadar



set design:

Alice Pizzinato, Leonardo Vacca


Italy / Lebanon



film run:




Based on a true story, Rasha’s Dream is, first of all, the initiatory journey of Leila, a documentary filmmaker who was raised in a French children’s home. Only when she turns 18 she is able to read her own dossier, where she will find that cold, anonymous definition of herself: “female, born in Beirut in 1982”.

The movie, with the rhythm and values of Greek tragedy, tells her passionate search for her origins in Lebanon. Its society is still victim of an unresolved past, and it seems impossible to recover the lost age of a multiethnic society. The present Lebanese reality is nothing but the mirror of humanity as a whole: increasingly dehumanized and dominated by the fear of diversity.

Leila will discover her origin and dramatic past through the buried memories of a 15-year civil war and the meeting with her own father. But she will also find the path leading to a dream that can come true: love power, allowing us to live together despite the differences and sufferings we belong to.

We have to go through darkness to see the stars.