The God’s Managers

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The God’s Managers (I manager di Dio)

The God’s Managers (I manager di Dio)

original title:

I manager di Dio

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film run:

48' / 52'




Ready (19/12/2017)

San Pietro di Sorres is a Abbey, built in 1054 a.C. on a hill overlooking Borutta, a village in central and northern Sardinia.
The Abbey is full of peace, a place on earth far from innovation. The Abbot lives here with 8 monks, the majority of them are more than 70 y.o. The mainly activities in the Abbey are: restoring ancient books, welcoming pilgrims and preparing an unguent for officinal therapy.
Rocco Meloni, man of culture (a great expert in medieval history and scholasticism student) and important manager from Ogliastra (East Sardinia), he translated "The BRoL" from vulgar latin and he wrote books on it applying the Rule to modern human resources management.
He stayed in San Pietro di Sorres for a period of meditation, discovering a magic atmosphere and an ideal place where his passion for the Rule and his actual job of forming people can combine.
So he decided to organize a Class of Management & Leadership based on the BR for every kind of modern Manager or Leader in private or public Companies, Businessmen or Human Resources Managers.
In a first time, the Abbot was not agree in giving the Abbey as a venue for the Class and he also argue with Rocco for the purity of the Rule, one supporting that every decision must be taken with a majority poll and the other, Rocco, supporting that the Abbot is the one and only Leader. Thanks to Don Gianni, a very talkative monk who worked in prisons for 15 years, the diatribe had an end.
The Students, devotes or agnostics, they all believe in the application of the Rule on the modern management method and in the magic of San Pietro di Sorres Abbey. At the end of the Class 3 attendees will be followed during their lives to understand if the Rule helped them in managing people. the meantime Rocco received a phonecall in his Office: a Benedectine Monk working for Audi heard about Rocco's Class and he would like to collaborate…